The Department of Evidence - based Medicine


General characteristics

The Department of Evidence-based Medicine is an organization department of the Academy, specializing in implementation of principles and methodology of Evidence-based Medicine in educational process, the activities of practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and consumer associations, in particular:

- carries out a training of health professionals, teachers, graduate students and residents in Evidence-based Medicine;

-creates and maintains a database of Evidence-based Medicine;
-provides information support of specialists on Evidence-based Medicine.
The Department of Evidence-based Medicine was created by the decision of Academic Council of SKSPhA dated from August 29, 2012, Protocol №1, Rector’s Order dated from 29.08.2012. The Department carries out its activities in cooperation with the faculties, departments and other units of the Academy, as well as with National Center of Health Development of RK. The work plan and annual report of DEM are prepared for the academic year. DEM is reorganized or liquidated by Rector’s order.


The main goals of the Department of Evidence-based Medicine:

- promotion of professional development of health specialists through the improvement of medical knowledge and skills based on Evidence-based Medicine, taking into account the priorities of Kazakhstan health;

- creation of a database of Evidence-based Medicine (library, subscriptions to on-line databases);
-cooperation with relevant medical, scientific and public organizations on Evidence-based Medicine;
-cooperation with Ethics Research Council.


The main functions of DEM:       

- organizing and conducting of training seminars for interested professionals on Evidence-based Medicine;

- implementation of effectiveness monitoring of training seminars by questioning students of those groups, where teachers, who trained at seminars, have classes;
- rendering consultative and methodical assistance in finding information;
- preparation of information and methodical materials on the use of Evidence-based Medicine;
-rendering advice on planning and research;
-  reviewing of scientific publications.


Information on employees of DEM

The Head of the Departmen Candidate of Medical Sciences  – Akhmadieva K.E

Evidence – based Medicine specialist Candidate of Medical Sciences – Kasayeva L.T. Adilbekova A.T. Kim O.T.

Bioethics specialist – Tulkibayeva R.N

nformation specialist – Mamytova D.M.



The “round” table on the theme: “Modern aspects of antibacterial therapy”

On 29th November, 2016 the department of evidence-based medicine and the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology of SKSPhA held a “round” table on the theme: “Modern aspects of antibacterial therapy”.

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The representatives of practical healthcare were invited to this event: L.B. Alimova, Director of South Kazakhstan branch of RSE “Republican Center for Health Development”; S.K. Saugabayeva, a chief allergist of SKR, the Head of the department of Pulmonology and Allergology of IKTUS clinic; Z.I. Ormakhanova, the Head of infarcted department of Regional Cardiac Center; A.Y. Turtayeva, Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor, the Head of “Therapeutic disciplines” Department; U.B. Bayrkhanova, a chief pediatric pulmonologist of SKR.

The main objective of this “round” table was to discuss modern approaches to rational antibiotic therapy based on evidence which should contribute to the containment of antimicrobial resistance, show the strategy of infectious agents’ control and identify the ways of further cooperation between academic and practical organizations for the advancement of medical care in South Kazakhstan region.

The “round” table was focused on current issues of rational antibiotic therapy in terms of evidence-based medicine. K.Y. Akhmadiyeva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, the Head of evidence-based medicine department of SKSPhA, noted in her report “Antibiotic therapy in terms of evidence-based medicine” that an antimicrobial resistance threatensd the very fundamentals of modern medicine and a significant increase in antibiotic resistance of agents around the world is considered as a threat to national security. The report was also focused on WHO core strategy in this direction - a global action plan to control antimicrobial resistance; NICE guidelines for antibiotic therapy and data of clinical research.

The “round” table participants expressed their solidarity to public activities aimed at improving the quality of population life as a whole and made the following resolution:

- to maintain liaison with the representatives of practical healthcare in this topic’s issues;

- to organize training seminars for practical health care and the teaching staff of SKSPhA to increase their awareness in the principles of evidence-based medicine (the use of medical databases, clinical minutes);

- to provide a consulting and methodological assistance to treatment and preventive facilities to search for medical information on the antibiotic therapy based on the principles of evidence-based medicine.




Videо conference at G-Global communication platform on “Competencies for evidence-based medicine at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of higher medical education”

On 17th February, 2017 the department of evidence-based medicine of SKSPhA and the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology took part in a video conference at G-Global communicativon platform on “Competencies for evidence-based medicine at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of higher medical education”. The event was organized by evidence-based medicine department of Marat Ospanov West Kazakhstan State Medical University.

The conference was attended by the of evidence-based medicine department  the following universities: Marat Ospanov West Kazakhstan State Medical University (WKSMU), State Medical University of Semey (SMU), Medical University of Astana (AMU),  South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy of Shymkent (SKSPhA).

The reports were made by: R.K. Nazarbayeva (M. Ospanov  WKSMU) on “Topical problems of the competence for evidence – based medicine in educational process”; G.A. Derbisalina (AMU) on “The competencies for evidence – based medicine at bachelor’s level”; A.K. Akhmetova, Yu.M. Semenova, L.M. Pigina (SMU) on “The competencies for evidence – based medicine at postgraduate level: residency, master’s programme, doctorate”; Z.A. Kerimbayeva (SKSPhA) on “Special aspects of EBM teaching at postgraduate level in SKSPhA”.

The conference was active and dynamic. There were discussed burning issues of EBM teaching at different levels of education and special aspects of EBM teaching. All participants agreed on the importance of practice based on evidences; the ability to study and select a research literature on a practical level, to understand and use technologies and systems to manage all types of information. Each step of EBM process requires a different level of knowledge and skills, i.e. competences.



International ON-LINE seminar on Erasmus +

On 17th February 2017 the department of evidence-based medicine of SKSPhA took part in international ON-LINE seminar at G-Global Kazakhstan portal on the theme: “The role of Erasmus + international project in the modernization of medical education at the universities” within ModeHed project. Following partner universities also participated in it: from Uzbekistan: Bukhara State Institute,  Uzbek State Institute of Physical Education,  Tashkent Medical Academy,  Fergana State University, Andijan State University, Namangan State University, Uzbek Association of medical teachers and from Kazakhstan: S.D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Kazakh State Women’s  University.  Seminar participants discussed the significance of medical education modernization in HEIs and further cooperation within the project.




 Тraining “Modern aspects of evidence-based medicine”

On February 7- 9, 2018 the Department of Evidence-based medicine held a training seminar: “Modern aspects of evidence-based medicine”. This seminar was organized to implement the achievements of modern science and public health based on the principles of evidence-based medicine in study programs,clinical minute, monitoring, increasing potential of the teaching staff of SKSPhA and in accordance with the measures on the «Road map» and the projectrealization “Modernization of medical education”for 2016-2019 of the Ministry of Health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The training was conducted for the teaching staff of following departments: the Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry, the Department of Organization and Management of Pharmaceuticals, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry, the Department of Public Health. The trainers were K.Y. Akhmadiyeva, Candidate of Medical Sciences; L.T. Kasayeva, Candidate of Medical Sciences;D.M. Mamytova, a specialist of media library. The training seminar took place in media library  of  SKSPhA(room № 126).

The training took place in an interactive manner with the use of modern multimedia technologies and Internet. The training format included working in small groups, discussions with the use of teaching materials, presentations. The training was focused on the following problems: terminology and stages of Evidence – based medicine; Evidence – based medicine competences for teachers; a research design, critical evaluation of research, articles; a search in medical databases; clinical guidelines, clinical protocols; implementation and its monitoring in educational process; interdepartmental interaction in implementing the principles of Evidence-based medicine in educational process.

The information obtained during these lectures was consolidated by practical work on information search in medical databases and the quality assessment of the proposed scientific medical publications. Posing clinical questions on PICO method, quality analysis of scientific articles, clinical guidelines on AGREE questionnaire, testing on the proposed material in MCQ test formatat the end of this seminar.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this training seminar there was conducted a questionnaire of the teaching staff at the beginning and at the end of the seminar. The final evaluation of the training showed a significant knowledge in creasing during this seminar. The participants were awarded certificates. 




Implementation of Evidence-based medicine and principles in educational process of SKMA

From November 12th to 16th, 2018 the Department of Evidence-based medicine of SKMA held a seminar on the theme “Methodology of medical information search” for the 1st year candidates for master’s degree. The seminar was organized to implement measures on the Roadmap “Modernization of medical education and science for 2016-2019” MH of RK to form the research competence of candidates for master’s degree and effective use of International information resources of evidence – based data. 

The seminar program included the following issues: design and hierarchy of clinical trials; reliable sources and resources of medical databases; information search strategy; critical evaluation of the results. The information obtained at the seminar was consolidated by practical work on information search in Internet and the quality assessment of the proposed scientific publications. 

The candidates mastered their skills of information search in electronic databases at practical classes: Pubmed (U.S. National library of Medicine), Cochrane library (The Cochrane Collaboration), there were provided training on International electronic information resources: Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), Springer Link (Springer GmbH). After the end of Seminars feedback were taken. The feedback assess the effectiveness of the seminar. There wea held a survey of the beginning and at the end of the seminar.

In total, the seminar was attended by 12 candidates for master’s degree. The Feedback showed that the general information on the training program was very useful and informative.

The seminars were held by: K.Y. Akhmadiyeva, Candidate of Medical Science, the Head of the department of evidence-based medicine, D.M. Mamytova, a specialist of Multimedia library. During this seminar, the candidates head taken answers received answers related to their scientific and practical activities.



Contact information:

Head of the Department of Proven Medicine, KMS  K.Akhmadiyeva

Address: Shymkent, Al-Farabi square, 1/1, main building, 1st floor, room 119

Tel.: 87789928895

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Awards and achievements

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    Diploma, letter of thanks

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