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By 2050, Kazakhstan will become an economically strong and developed state. The Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050” focuses on this goal, as the economy grows, our state will pay more attention to educational process, science, formation of a new intellectual Kazakhstan nation. The basis for the implementation of this concept will be modernization of educational system and research activities, openness to the study of international experience.

SKMA was the first university among six medical and pharmaceutical universities of Kazakhstan that received a certificate of accreditation as the subject of intellectual activity. This allows taking part in competitions for scientific and technological research using state budget funds. Since 2012, the teaching staff is involved in initiative scientific and technical projects which have passed the state registration in accordance with the applicable normative and technical documentation and approved by the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information. 

In SKMA there are 24 initiative scientific and technological projects for 2017.

Department of management for scientific and clinical activity is an organization unit of SKMA, which carries out its activities in cooperation with other organization units of the university.

The main activities are: to provide an effective and efficient management of clinical and scientific activities of the Academy, aimed at ensuring the quality of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff up to date qualifications and medical services to wider population. Development of proposals for formation and implementation of state policy in the field of science and scientific and technical activities taking into account the objectives and priorities of socio-economic, socio-political development of the country. Coordination of research, scientific and technical projects and programs financed from the state budget. 

Department of scientific and clinical activities performs the following functions: analyzing the state of scientific and clinical activity in SKMA; involvement in organizing and conducting competitions, seminars and conferences on issues aimed at supporting scientific and clinical activities; publication control of works on the results of research activities; activity coordination of student scientific society.

The performers of research activities are staff members of the Academy Departments, scientific schools, temporary research collectives appointed for the implementation of research projects. Candidates for master’s degree, interns, residents and students take part in research activities. 

Head of the department for scientific and clinical activity– Umida Abduvalievna Khojakulova.

Editor of scientific journal– Raikhan Anuarbekovna Shaymerdenova 

Inspector for scientific and clinical activity – Assiya Azatkhanovna Primzharova

Inspector for scientific and clinical activity – Rita Talgatovna Onalbayeva


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Awards and achievements

  • Diploma, letter of thanks

    Diploma, letter of thanks

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