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Department of "Social medicine and health management with the course of emergency medical care in emergency situations and the history of medicine" was organized by order №35 from 31.01.1995 at SHMI. The first head was doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Zh. T Turlybekov In the opening of the Department was attended by the following members of the Department: PhD, associate Professor of Kulmahanov A. N., PhD, associate Professor Pernebaev K., PhD, senior lecturer Buleshov M. A., and assistants: an R. S. V., Akhmetov A. R., Bekturganov R. S. the Main direction of research activity of the Department was "Protection of the environment and the health of the population of the southern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan". 

In 1998-1999 academic year the Department was United with the Department of General hygiene and ecology. The Department was headed by doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Altynbekov B.E

1999-2000 academic year the Department of "Social medicine, health Economics" was headed by doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Dairbekov O. D. 

Since 2001, the Department was headed by MD, Professor M. A. Buleshov The Department has been preparing since 2007

Under the leadership of the head of the Department implemented 2 research works: "Improvement of social and hygienic monitoring and integrated assessment of the effectiveness of programs for the prevention of environmentally related diseases of the population in the area of large lead production", " Scientific and methodological justification for increasing the average life expectancy of the population on the basis of differentiated prevention of controlled medical and social risk factors for congenital malformations." Since 2009 training of master's degree students of the profile direction began. The Department also trains residents and FNPR. Since June 2018 head of the Department Ph. D., acting associate Professor Sarsenbayeva G. Zh.



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Sarsenbayeva Gulzat Zhanabaevna

head of the Department «Social health insurance and public health»


Tasks of the Department of "Social health insurance and public health": the Formation of students' ability to apply the basic principles of prevention, personnel management in the activities of medical organizations and their departments.


1. Basic training courses

I, II, III, IV courses of specialty 5B110200 – «Public health» 

II, IV courses of specialty 5B110100 - «Nursing» 

II, III courses of specialty 5B130100 - «General medicine»


1. Disciplines:

5В110200 for the specialty – "Public health» 

1."Introduction to the specialty" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages. 2."Fundamentals of evidence-based medicine" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

3. "Fundamentals of management and public health" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

4. "Fundamentals of financing and Economics in health care" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

5. "Social medicine" is taught in English.

6. "Public health" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

7. "Information systems in health care" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

8. "Innovative management in health care" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

9. "Social and medical insurance and social protection" are taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

10. "Quality control of the health care system" is taught in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Updatability of read areas are updated Annually disciplines Scientific priorities of the Department: public health, evidence-based medicine in health care, legislation in health care, ethics and deontology, social aspects of health, health policy and management, digitalization in health care.


Currently, the Department is working:

1. Sarsenbayeva Gulzat Zhanabaena, c.m.s. the head of department

2. Anartaeva Mariya Ulasbekovna, - d.m professor

3. Sadibekova Zhanat Umirbekovna - c.m.s. 

4. Sultanbekov Kasymhan Adilhanovich - c.m.s. 

5. Ahmadieva Kamila Erlikovna - c.m.s.

6. Tokkulieva Bahyt Bolatovna – c.m.s.

7. Beisembaeva Zaurekul Igorovna – c.m.s.

8. Toltaev Bahytzhan Sanaklovich - c.m.s.

9. Nesipbaeva Zamzagul Zholdasbekovna – master of degree

10. Kurbanova Karlygas Tastanbekovna master of degree 

11. Mugalbekova Zhanar Esenbekovna – senior teacher

12. Pavlova Elena Viktorovna senior teacher 

13. Musirepova Zabira Dzhalaubaevna - teacher

14. Tumanbaeva Asel Muhanovna master of degree

15. Magai Lubov Nikolaevna - master of degree

16. Abdrahmanova Zinat Batyrhanovna – master of degree

17. Duisenbaeva Sholpan Ayazbekkyzy - teacher

18. Begembetova Aisapar Kemelbekkyzy – head of office 

19. Myrzabaeva Gulbara Aribzhanovna – senior assistant 

20. Esnazarova Zhanna Kadyrovna - senior assistant


Address and contact details: educational building №2 «SKMA» GSC study, 5th floor

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 











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