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History of department 

The Department of Propeаdeutics of internal diseases and faculty therapy was organized in February 1994. In the organization of the Department and systematization of educational and methodical documentation, consolidation of clinical base of the Department actively participated аssistance professor Tuzelbaev N.K.; professor Iskakov B.C.; professor Baturin S.A.; professor Bekmurzaeva E.K.; Kauizbay. Zh.A.; docent Ajmuganbetova.; docent Unusskhodzhaeva G.D.; docent Beisetayev O.B.; docent Kuibakov M.B.; canditiate of medicine sciences Seydemetov А.S.; candidate of medical sciences Seidahmetova A.A.

The Department was called "Bachelor of Therapy", and from 2010 to April 2018, it was renamed into "Propedeutics of internal diseases". From March 1, 2018 head of the Department is ass. prof. KauyzbayZh.A.


The purpose of the Department is:higher professional education and research training of students.


* implementation of SKMA policy and objectives in the field of quality within the competence of the Department

* compliance with the requirements of the quality management system (QMS)

* implementation of the educational process in the fixed subjects in accordance with the laws and regulations of higher education approved of subjectsprogram

* creating conditions to needs of students in educational and scientific activities

* basic educational programs supported by improvement of organizational, scientific and educational and methodological work

* development of new learning technologies.


Disciplines taught at the Department:


Disciplines are teaching in 3 languages (Kazakh, Russian, English).

For 1st year students of the faculty "General medicine": discipline " Introduction to the profession."

The discipline was first introduced in the 2017-2018 academic year by GGSE-2006 for the specialty "General medicine". "Introduction to the profession" is a discipline that introduces students with practical health care, the basics of organization of medical institutions’work, provision of sanitary and epidemiological regime in medical practice, knowledge and methods necessary for monitoring and care of patients at first time."Introduction to the profession" allows students of the very beginning of training in medical universities to start introducing with patients and their problems. Consequently students begin use their knowledge and the communication skills.

For 2nd year students of the faculty "General medicine": discipline " Introduction to the clinic."

The discipline was firstly introduced in 2016-2017 academic year by GGSE-2006 for the specialty "General medicine". Introduction to the clinic is a discipline that teaches the basic principles of work in the clinic with patients requiring supervision and care, the organization of the nursing process, the mastery of manipulation techniques, skills of pre-hospital care for patients, special knowledge and methods necessary for the implementation of monitoring and care for patients

For 3rd year students of the faculty "General medicine": discipline "Propaedeutics of internal diseases".

The discipline was first introduced in the 2018-2019 academic year for GGSE-2017 for the specialty "General medicine". The importance of propaedeutics of internal diseases is to study the methods of training of patients, semiotics, syndrome diagnosis of diseases of internal organs. The main condition for the formation of stable knowledge and skills in the preparation of a doctor is a combination of knowledge of fundamental disciplines with practical skills and abilities acquired in clinical disciplines.

The main purpose of teaching propaedeutics of internal diseases is to teach students the methods of clinical examination of the patient, methods of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, the basics of the syndrome diagnosis of internal organ diseases on the basis of its joint study with fundamental disciplines. 

After learning these main goals of propaedic therapy, they can be good training for the next courses any specialties courses.

Integrated learning to give the possibility sequential learning fundamental disciplines and propaedeutics of internal diseases on a single system. The basis is the principle of modules on eight systems of human organs: respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urogenital, endocrine, nervous, musculoskeletal with skin and appendages, hematopoietic system.


Tasks of the discipline:

- development of the basic principles of deontology and medical ethics, the development of the initial elements of clinical thinking;

- development of features of questioning of therapeutic patients at the prehospital and hospital stage of medical care;

- mastering the basics of physical examination of the patient;

- development of tactics of laboratory examination of patients, interpretation of laboratory tests;

- development of the methodology of the main instrumental methods of research of therapeutic patients;

- the study of the symptomatology and the main syndromes of internal diseases.

For 3rd year students majoring in Nursing: optional component - internal diseases.

Faculty of vocational technical education: 

* propaedeutics of internal diseases and nursing in therapy (for students 3-4 courses in nursing).

* internal diseases (3-4 courses for students majoring in medicine and obstetrics).

* first aid (1.3 courses for students majoring in pharmacy).

* basics of communication (for students of the 1st course in the specialty of pathology).

* internal diseases with a course of infectious diseases (for students of 2-3 courses in dentistry).


Postgraduate education-master's degree:

1 course:

- "Research methods in clinical medicine»

- "Clinical communication skills."

- "Actual questions in gerontology and geriatrics»

2 course:

- " Actual questions in pulmonology»

- "Modern methods of diagnostics and treatment in cardiorheumatology»

- "Actual questions of therapy in gastroenterology and Hepatology»

- " Actual questionsof therapy in Nephrology»

- " Actual questionsof endocrinology and Hematology»


For infectious diseases: a course of internal diseases.

The work of the Department is organized in accordance with the work plan of the Department, which includes educational and methodical, clinical and research works and educational activities.


Educational and methodical work:

At the meetings of the department are considered the questionabout studying attendance of students, individual plans of teachers, scientific and educational activities according to the plan of the CID and current questions.Documents on educational and methodical, educational and scientific parts of the Department are conducted according to the requirements of ISO - 9000-2001.

The Department developed working curriculme, working study program in accordance GGSE for bachelor's:5В130100 – "General medicine", 5В110100 – "Nursing"; 5В110300 – "Pharmacy"; FESTO specialties: 0301013 "Paramedic", 0304023 "Dentist", 0306013 "Pharmacist", 0302033 "Nurse of General practice". Every academic year, updated teaching materials for all subjects.

In every academic year, all test questions, guidelines for OSPE, OSCE are updated and pass the expert Commission for the examinations.

In the educational process, innovative active technologies (CBL, TBL, RBL) are used; training is aimed at acquiring skills of clinical thinking and clinical analysis of patients.


Clinical work of the Department:

Members of the Department as therapists actively carry out consultations for patients in emergency department of hospital and ophthalmic branch of the RCH. Employees of the Department are actively introduced practical health effective technologies in diagnosis and treatment, internal pathology, training seminars and master classes for doctors into the educational process and in the work.

The head and the staff of the Department provide permanent specialized consultation to patients of the city and region. 


Scientific work of the Department:

Teachers of the Department continuously conduct research in various areas and introduce new scientific technologies in the educational process. In 2012-2015 y. and 2015-2017 y. and the Department made 2 STP initiative.

Since March 2018, the Department has been working in the framework of the applied research program in conjunction with the IAA № GR 0118RK00979 "Complex prevention and reduction of mortality from major cardiovascular diseases in the conditions of primary health care, taking into account climate, meteorological and environmental factors of the region."

Systematically, the teaching staff of the Department participates with reports and publications in national and international scientific conferences. Students actively participate in the work of student interuniversity, regional, national and international scientific conference. The Department is actively functioning student scientific circle "Diagnostician".

Grounding the material and technical base of the Department:


Tutorials of the Department:

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Қан аурулары

Baizhanova К.Т., Bekmurzayeva E.K.



ӘК №5 от 24.05.2010


Синдромдық диагностика негіздерімен науқасты тексеру

Bekmurzayeva E.К., Seidahmetova А.А.,Аzizova А.А., Umurulieva G.А., Seidalieva F.М.



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Современная диагностика часто встречающихся заболеваний эндокринной системы

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Профилактика социально-значимых заболеваний

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Smetova R.А., ., Аbdukarimova Zh.М



ӘК №12 от22.06.2016


Әлеуметтік мәнді аурулардың алдын алу

Bekmurzayeva E.К., Аzizova А.А., Smetova R.А., ., Аbdukarimova Zh.М ., Botabekovа А.K.



ӘК №9 от 26.05.2017



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Kauizbay Zhumaly Aripbaiuli

Head of department, ass prof.

Workers of Department:

1. Kauizbay Zhumaly Aripbaiuli Head of department, ass prof.

2. KorganbayevaHilaloTursynkulovna Аssistant

3. BaidullaevBahramMuzaffarovich Assistance

4. AbdukarimovaZhanarMauleshovna Assistance

5. Taskinova Maia Adilbekovna Assistance

6. Amanova Elmira Ospanovna Assistance 

7. Аralbaeva Lazat Buralhanovna teacher

8. Sakiyeva Shakrizada Saifuddinovna teacher

9. Rustemova Botagoz Bolatkizi teacher

10. Nurmet Asel Duisenbekovna teacher

11. Unusmetov Eldor Shavkatovich teacher


12 Аbdiraimova Saule Ermekovna Assistance

13 Serikbaeva Mira Turdalievna Assistance 

14 Ashirov Bolat Anvarovich Teacher

15 Rizaxozhaev Abdumutalip Аbdumazhitovich Teacher 

16 Аzizova Altinay Abdalievna Teacher 

17. Ibragimova Roza Baktiarovna Teacher 

18. Аbdibaeva Saule Miralbaevna Teacher 


Laboratory assistent

1. Kalshabekova Gulmira Orinbekkizi senior. Lab. ass

2. Sadybek Merey Nuralykizi Lab.

3. Zhumadildayeva Asel Zhomartkizi Lab.


The Department of "Propaedeutics of internal diseases" is located at the address:

Street Kurmanbekov D., №2.

E-mail of the Department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

















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