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Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology was founded in 1982. The founder and first head from 1982 to 1993 was Professor I.Sh. Zabirov, the first in Kazakhstan to establish the specialty "Clinical Pharmacy" in hospitals. He also actively introduced the achievements of clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy into practical public health.

From 1993 to 1994, department was headed by Cand.M.Sc., B.A.Myrzaliev. 

From 1994 to 2015, department was headed by Dr.M.Sc, professor N.Zh. Ormanov who contributed to the preparation of students in the specialties "Technology of pharmaceutical production" and "Management in pharmacy". He actively developed methods for diagnosing phosphoric intoxication. Under his leadership, study programme on pharmacology for students of pharmaceutical faculties of universities was developed.

From 2015 to the present day the department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Kerimbayeva Z.A. Under her leadership, in accordance with the reform of medical education, the Department implements the principles of evidence-based medicine, which will improve the quality of medical care. Department also participates in the Road Map and the implementation of the project "Modernization of Medical Education" for 2016-2019. Subcomponent C "Reform of medical education and science", implementing the implementation of clinical protocols of diagnosis and treatment in the educational process. Under the leadership of Professor Z.A. Kerimbayeva the department has developed a new modular educational program "Clinical Pharmacist" for the specialty "Pharmacy" for clinical pharmacists, pharmacy managers and pharmacists of general practice, as well as a modular curriculum "Rational use of medicines" for Master’s degree Students in the specialty "Medicine".

Z.A. Kerimbayeva is the scientific supervisor of Master’s degree and Ph.D. students. She has a letter of thanks from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the scientific management of the winner of the student's scientific work of the republican contest for the best scientific work of young scientists in natural, technical, humanitarian sciences in 2010. In 2017, she was awarded a badge from the Ministry of Health of the RK "Densaulyk saktau іsіnіn uzdigi".

At different times at department worked Ph.D., Professor R.M. Abdullabekova , Cand.M.Sc. Associate Professor Y.I. Korolchuk, Cand.M.Sc., Associate professor A.Zh. Daniyarova., Cand.Pharm.Sc. P.Kh. Popandopulo, S.N. Viktorenko , Cand.M.Sc. D.P. Atanbekova, Cand.B.Sc. T.N. Ormanov, Cand.Pharm.Sc. M.S. Kadeeva, Cand.Pharm.Sc. A.G. Ibragimova. worked at department at different times.


Main goals and objectives

The goal of the department is to train students with higher professional education, academic degrees, retraining and advanced training of personnel, as well as scientific research.

Department realizes the set goal by performing the following functions:

- Implementation of the Policy and goals of SKMA in the field of quality within the competence of the department;

- fulfillment of the requirements of the quality management system (QMS);

- Determining the strategy and deciding on the program planning of its work;

- preparation and graduation of specialists on the main educational programs of higher professional education, postgraduate and additional vocational education programs, which implement the requirements of the state compulsory education standard, with deep theoretical and necessary practical knowledge, in demand on the labor market;

- realization of educational process on the fixed disciplines according to legislative and standard acts of the higher vocational training, confirmed by curriculum, programs of disciplines;

- creation of conditions for satisfying the needs of students in intellectual, cultural and moral development in the process of educational and scientific activity;

- improvement of organizational, scientific and educational support of basic educational programs;

- development of new learning technologies;

- strengthening ties with leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, enterprises and organizations in line with the profile of the department.


Basic training courses

5В110300- "Pharmacy" along the trajectory "Pharmacist of General Practice" - Module "Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy" - 3-5 year students.

5В110300- "Pharmacy" along the trajectory "Clinical Pharmacist" - Module "Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy" - 3-5 year students.

5В110300- "Pharmacy" along the trajectory "Pharmacy Manager" - Module "Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy" - 3-5 year students.

5В110200 "Fundamentals of Pharmacology" for the specialty "Public Health" - 3 year students.

5В110100 "Fundamentals of Pharmacology" for the specialty "Nursing" - 2 year students.

disciplines "Clinical Pharmacology" for interns of 6-7 years according to the State Standard of Education of 2006 and 2017 are taught at the department.


The department trains Master’s degree students of the specialties "Medicine" and "Pharmacy" along the trajectories "Clinical Pharmacology" and "Clinical Pharmacist".

The department conducts primary retraining and refresher courses for trainees of the Foundation for Continuous Development (doctors and pharmacists) in full-time and distance form.

The clinical bases of the department are the regional cardiological center of SKR, the regional children's clinical hospital and the dispensary "Densaulyk".

All the taught disciplines of the department are conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages. The complex of the Educational Methodological Complex of Disciplines has been developed. Department conducts a policy of poly-lingualism (Kazakh, Russian, English), an additional set of the Educational Methodological Complex of Disciplines in three languages on the subjects "Pharmacology" and "Pharmaceutical Care", "Rational Use of Medicines" for undergraduate and "Clinical Pharmacology" at the internship level has been developed .

Study programmes are developed and regularly updated in accordance with the State Standard and Standard Programs, and a catalog of elective disciplines at bachelor, internship and magistracy levels is reviewed annually. Annually additions and changes are made to the disciplines. Literary support of the taught disciplines of the department is regularly updated.


Scientific priorities of the department

The department is actively conducting scientific work. Scientific directions of the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology “Pharmacological studies of medicinal plants of Kazakhstan and the creation of prerequisites for the development of domestic medicines” To date, 2 research projects are being implemented, 1 project is also planned in 2021. A scientific and technical project together with the Department of Surgery: "Pharmacoeconomic rationale for the use of antibiotic therapy in the treatment of peritonitis."

Since 2020, an initiative research project “Pharmacoeconomic aspects of hirudotherapy for ischemic stroke” has been launched at the department.

In 2021, work begins on the scientific and technical project “Development of a flavonoid - containing phytocomplex that potentially has a pronounced antibacterial and antioxidant activity based on wild medicinal plants of the East Kazakhstan region” together with the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacology (SKMA) (Shymkent), United Educational - scientific laboratory (after UESL ), University Hospital NJC "Medical University named after Shakarim" (Semey), Institute of Polymer materials, etc. Technology, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, Endocrinology Laboratory, Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University named after Ben Gurion in the Negev, Israel. The implementation of scientific projects provides for the implementation of clinical research and will allow students to consolidate their theoretical and practical knowledge. As part of scientific projects, master's theses are being written.

The department operates a student scientific circle, which includes students from all faculties, including foreign. Students of the scientific circle take an active part in the scientific life of the department, in student conferences, in the research department of the department in separate fragments.

The teaching staff is actively involved in conferences, seminars, round tables held in SKMA and other organizations.


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In 2002 she defended her thesis on the specialty "Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology" at the Dissertation Council at Karaganda State Medical Academy. In 2010, she defended her doctoral thesis in public health at the Dissertational Council under the JSC National Scientific Medical Center. In 2011 she received a doctorate in medical sciences, the topic of her doctoral dissertation was "Medico-social aspects of the use of pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomic studies to justify integrated model of primary and secondary prevention of hypertension." Since 2015, head of the department of pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology.

She is a doctor of the highest category in the specialty "Clinical Pharmacology" (2015). In 2011, she was trained at the Bnei Zion Medical Center, a state-run multidisciplinary clinic in Haifa, Israel, majoring in "Basically successful training in Ebidence Based Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology" (216 hours).

She is an expert of the "Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education " on educational programs and an expert of "National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise" JSC.

She has a letter of gratitude from the Foundation of the First President of the RK for the scientific leadership of the winner of the student's scientific work of the republican contest for the best scientific work of young scientists in the natural, technical, humanitarian sciences.

In 2017, she was awarded a badge from the Ministry of Health of the RK "Densaulyk saktau isinin uzdigi".

Scientific editor of the popular scientific journal "Navigator of Pharmacy".

Periodically, she is a reviewer for dissertational (Ph.D.) works on the specialty "Public Health" (IKTU, KazNMU, GMU, HSPH, Semey,).

The author of 2 monographs, 3 textbooks, 6 methodical manuals, 4 manuals and 2 methodical recommendations. Has released about 190 scientific works devoted to various aspects of public health services of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She is a member of the working group on drawing up a "Qualification Qualification Framework" in the specialty "Pharmacy". She is the author of a standard curriculum for the State Educational Standard of Ukraine (Astana 2017), specialty 5В1100300 "Pharmacy". 

He has a medal "Densaulyk saktau isinin uzdigi" UD.№0509 from the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan 29 November 2017. Letter of gratitude from the Foundation of the first President of Kazakhstan for the leadership of the best scientific work in natural, technical and humanitarian Sciences of Almaty in 2010.



Teachers of the department:

1. Kerimbayeva Z.A.. - MD, Professor, head of the Department;

2. Ormanov N.Zh.- MD, Professor;

3. Abuova G. T.- k. the biologist., a.a. Professor;

4. Ormanova L.N. - PhD, a.a. Professor;

5. Syrmanova N. R.- magist.M. S., senior lecturer;

6. Аsan А.А. - magist.M. S., teacher;

7. Кim О.Т. - magist.M. S., teacher;

8. Kudabaeva J. K.– magist.M. S., teacher;

9. Nazarbayev G. N. – magist.M. S., teacher;

10. Aitkulova L.А.- pediatrician, teacher;

11. Auel D.B.- teacher;

12. Lebedeva А.S.- teacher;

13. Патсаева К.К.- teacher;

14. Жұмағұл Қ.К.- teacher;

15. Niyazova S.N. - senior laborant;

16. Nurzhan B. S. - senior laborant;

17. S. P. Kaldarbek – laborant.


Department address:

Head of department: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Kerimbayeva Zakira Amirovna

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Al-Farabi Square No. 1, main building, 4th floor.

Contact phone: 8 (7252) 40-82-22 (internal 249, 227)

Electronic address of department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.













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