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From the profile departments of the Shymkent Pharmaceutical branch of the ASMI in 1981 the Department of Pharmacognosy opened. The founder of the department was Doctor of Pharmaceutical sciences, Professor Baymuhambetov Marat Ablakimovich (1981-2004). After graduating from the pharmaceutical faculty of the ASMI (1968), he entered the postgraduate study at Leningrad Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute. After graduation in 1978, he defended his thesis on the topic: "Phytochemical research of the Komarov’s Oxytropis". 

In 1996 he protected doctoral dissertation on the topic «Phytochemical research of the plant by the genus Everlasting, Yarrow, Tansy, Handelia from Aster family». 

In cooperation with the collective of the department, they equipped the department with equipment, microscopes, tables, etc. They created a herbarium and raw material fund.

M.A.Baymuhambetov is the author of 160 scientific and scientific-methodical works.

From 2004 to 2005 the department was headed by PhD Tashmenov Rakhim Sarsenovich. 

In 2005, several departments were united, and in 2005-2007, the head of the department of medical Biology, Genetics, Pharmacognosy was the candidate of biological sciences S.A.Abilaev. 

From 2007 to 2018, the head of the department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry was Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Patsayev Anapiya Kanybekovich. Under his leadership, in 2012, a laboratory of medicinal plants was organized at the department, and numerous expeditions take place to various areas of the SKR for the study of valuable medicinal plants used in folk medicine.

The topic of the scientific work of the department is: "Isolation and investigation of biologically active substances from medicinal plants of South Kazakhstan and creation on their basis new phytopreparations with wide spectrum of action". 

The medicinal plants collected during the expeditions subjected to pharmacological, phytochemical and pharmacological studies. The results of the research published in journals with an impact factor, collections of international conferences.

Scientific and technical projects on promising types of raw materials of plant origin of the local flora is developed. 

Since 2018, the Department of Pharmacognosy is headed by Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, acting professor Omirali Murat Adykhanovich. From 1987 to 2002 he worked at the Department of Pharmacognosy as an assistant, teacher, senior lecturer, from 2002-2008 the Dean of the faculty for the training of secondary vocational education at the Academy. In 2007 he defended his PhD thesis on the topic: "Phytochemical research of Ferula tenuisecta plants and Ferula pachyphylla growing in Kazakhstan", supervisor - Professor TashFarMI, Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences Kh.M.Komilov.



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M.A.Omirali is the author of more than 30 scientific and scientific-methodical works.

One of the main tasks of the department in preparing a modern pharmacist is to maximize the correspondence of training to the content of his practical activity.


The main training courses of the department: Botany and Pharmacognosy. Disciplines are taught in Kazakh, Russian, English languages. Each year, the disciplines updated by 30 percent.

In 2018, the educational and production base for the cultivation, collection and processing of medicinal plants on the Kaskasu was resumed for the training and production practice in Botany and Pharmacognosy.


At the Department prepared joint working programs for foreign students on the passage of educational and industrial practice with Russian universities were compiled: Tyumen, TyumSMA; Ufa, BSMU; Pyatigorsk PMPhI.

The department is a scientific methodological center for the training of scientists and teachers in Pharmacognosy. Teachers of the department supervise the research work of students. Student scientific circles work at the department.

The department carries out a close relationship with universities of foreign countries such as - Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

In the framework of academic mobility, the department invited well-known scientists from Russia Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, Professor of PMPhI- D.A.Konovalov; PhD, professor BSMU - K.A.Pupykina 


Textbooks, manuals, training manuals, published by staff of the Department of Pharmacognosy:

• A.K.Patsayev, S.Zh.Zhailau, Sh.S.Shynazbekovna, B.K.Makhatov «Analytical Chemistry». Textbook. In Kazakh language, Shymkent - 2007.

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Educational work at the department is conducted in the following areas: political and legal, moral, cultural, aesthetic and ethno-cultural, environmental, social, physical, and promotion of healthy lifestyles, development of research and creative potential of students, prevention of religious extremism, crime prevention, drug addiction, as well as educational work in the hostel. In addition, the department has some tradition: the annual visits to the orphanage, the museum, various events on significant dates and other national holidays.

Research work of the Pharmacognosy Department

A scientific study of various types of medicinal plant material is carried out, with the purpose of their industrial development and expansion of the assortment of domestic phytopreparations at the Department of Pharmacognosy.

The purpose of scientific research: search and creation of own raw material base of medicinal plant raw materials, development and introduction on their basis of highly effective and ecologically pure phytopreparations of a wide spectrum of action.

Research direction of the department: Isolation and research of biologically active substances from medicinal plants of South Kazakhstan and creation on their basis new phytopreparations of a wide spectrum of action. To implement the goals and objectives of the research work, scientific and technical projects on the following topics were prepared and implemented:

• "Phytochemical and pharmacological study of medicinal plants of the flora of south Kazakhstan, used in folk medicine" UDC 615.322 (574.5), GRNTI 76.31.31, State Registration N0112RK01295 

• "Studying of the Nepeta parviflora, Ziziphora tenuior, Phlomis Salicifolia, the Mentha asiatica, Salvia Sclarea Lamiaceae family Flora of South Kazakhstan" State registration N0115RK02131. 

• "Phytochemical research of plants of the genus Yarrow and Cornflower of the Aster family" State registration N0115RK02129.


Now at the department are working: 

Omirali Murat Adikhanovich - Chair of the department cfn

Toxanbayeva Zhanat Sadebekovna – PhD, Associate Professor

Orynbassarova Kulpan Kenzhebayevna - PhD, Associate Professor

Ibragimova Zaure Ergarayevna – senior eacher

Akhan Aliya Abdizhabilovna - teacher

Saduakas Nursulu – senior laboratory assistant

Altynbek Dana - teacher

Uvalieva Rahima – senior laboratory assistant

TuzelAkmaral – laboratory assistant

Jhanibek Malika senior laboratory assistant


The department located on address:

Shymkent, Al-Farabu square, 1st, 5th floor.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











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