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Abuova Gulzhan Narkenovna - Head of infection diseases department, PhDs in Medicine., professor.

Abuova Gulzhan Narkenovna, PhDs in Medicine., professor, doctor of higher category, department chair of infection diseases and dermatovenerology. Conducts dissertation work on a competition of degree of the doctor of medical sciences on a subject: "The clinic and economical analysis of diagnostics and treatment of “Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever of the South Kazakhstan region". A medical experience – 31 years, pedagogical - 22 years. Reads series of lectures on the main sections of an infection diseases . Gives a practical training, seminars, discussions, round tables with listeners of Faculty of Advanced Studies, master degree and internship.

She is an author of training programs according to sections of thematic and general improvement of "FUV and F" in "Infection diseases". Author more than 210 scientific works, 5 manuals. Advises patients and patients on a wide range of infectious diseases in I PERISHED also other medical institutions of the city, the active member of regional society of infectology carries out expertizes of difficult cases of infectious pathology on the instructions of regional Committee on control and quality of medical services.




Department of infection diseases and dermatovenerology

The department of infection diseases with courses of epidemiology, children's infection diseases has been for the first time organized on the basis of city infection diseases hospital in 1996, since 2008 the structure of department has included a subject a dermatovenerology.

The chief physician was the first head of the department I PERISHED, PhDs in Medicine. the associate professor, Anarbayev A.D. who directed department from 1996 to 1997 further the department was headed: 

1998-2001 doctor of medicine, professor Balgimbekov Sh.A.;

2001-2007 doctor of medicine Egizbayev M.K.; 

2007-2009 of PhDs in Medicine., associate professor, Utepbergenova G.A.

The contribution to educational and methodical providing, practical recommendations and Formation of base of department were made in due time by the employees working at department: PhDs in Medicine. associate professor Bayekeeva K.T., PhDs in Medicine. Kamytbekova K.Zh., PhDs in Medicine. Hodzhabekov B.K. and assistants Didenko T.V., Chichkina N.A., Kasymova T.V.; Tulepova G.A.

Since September 1, 2009 department manages PhDs in Medicine., professor Abuova G.N. At department highly specialized teachers work with a pedagogical experience, PhDs in Medicine., associate professor, PhD, the highest and first category: Berdaliyeva F.A., Kamytbekova K.Zh., Uzbekova L.M., Hodzhabekov B.K., Sarypbekova L.L., Zhumagulova K.Zh., Aliyev R.T., Apstatarovaya L.E., Dzhanabayev R.T.


The department provides educational process for:

1. Bachelors in a public health care, the 3rd course, discipline "Infection diseases", 3 credits;

2. Bachelors in a nurse business, the 2nd course, discipline "Epidemiology and infection diseases in nurse business", 2 credits;

3. Bachelors in a nurse business, the 4th course, discipline "Infection control in MPI", 3 credits;

4. Interns as "General practitioner", the 6th course, disciplines: "Infection diseases"; "Children's infection diseases";

5. Interns in "Therapy", discipline "Infection diseases"

6. Interns in "Pediatrics", discipline "Children's infection diseases";

7. Interns as "Obstetrician gynecology", discipline "Infection diseases and pregnancy";

8. Interns as "Obstetrician gynecology", discipline "Dermatovenerology";

9. Interns as "General practitioner", the 7th course, disciplines "Infection diseases"; "Children's infection diseases" and "Dermatovenerology"; (the interns transferred from other medical higher education institutions of 2018)

10. A magistracy in "Medicine", discipline "HIV – an infection";

11. A magistracy in "Medicine", discipline "Especially dangerous infections";

12. A magistracy in "Medicine", discipline Infection diseases in medical emergency";

13. A magistracy in "Medicine", discipline "The infections connected with delivery of health care";

14. Residency in "Pediatrics", discipline "Children's infectious diseases";

15. Residency in "Infection diseases, including nurseries, including nurseries", discipline "Children's infection diseases in a hospital"; 

16. Residency in "Infection diseases, including nurseries, including nurseries", discipline "Infection diseases in policlinic";

17. Residency in "Infection diseases, including nurseries, including nurseries", discipline "Infection diseases in a hospital";

18. Residency in "Infection diseases, including nurseries, including nurseries", discipline "Especially dangerous infections";

19. Residency in "Infection diseases, including nurseries, including nurseries", discipline of Nutritsiology;

20. Residency in "Infection diseases, including nurseries, including nurseries", discipline "Medical emergencies in clinic of infection diseases";

21. Pupils of college faculties: "Nurse business" discipline "Epidemiology and infection diseases in nurse business" 3rd course, "Medical business"; the discipline "Infection diseases" the paramedic, the 3rd course, discipline "Dermatovenerology" 4 Department provides educational process for course SD, LD;

22. Students of faculty of continuous professional development


Now the clinical base of department of infection diseases and a dermatovenerology of SKMA is located on the 3rd floor of the head case of city infection diseases hospital.

The department has the good, updated material and technical resources, educational audiences are adapted for holding lectures and a practical training with use of modern innovative technologies, practical skills accustom directly to offices of hospital No. 1-10 and a Hepapitites center and also educational clinical center of SKMA.


Educational and methodical work of department

The department provides educational process for students of faculty of improvement of doctors, undergraduates, residents, doctors-interns, students of a bachelor degree and SKMA college on disciplines of an infectology.

Educational and educational and methodical work of department is carried out according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan, Standard programs of specialties of students, calendar and thematic plans of the lectures, practical and open training approved at the beginning of academic year, planned pedagogical loading, the plan of methodical work of department.

For the purpose of improvement of quality of educational process at department work on continuous increase in level of knowledge of students is carried out and training level.

Increase in level of knowledge of students is reached by improvement of material and clinical base of department, use of primary polyclinic service of department of modern innovative technologies during training ("portfolio", training video records, electronic textbooks, multimedia projectors, the slide presentations, MDO and other pedagogical technologies.)

For increase in level of training, primary polyclinic service of department, according to plan undergoes clinical and pedagogical improvements at the republican and international levels. At department textbooks in Kazakh "The collection of lectures on infectious diseases" are published; "Differential diagnosis of infection diseases" (author -Abuova G.N.), prepare for the edition educational and methodical grants: "Modern technologies of teaching in clinical protocols of diagnostics and treatment in residency and an internship"; " ЖТД мамандығына арналған жұқпалы арулар бойынша клиникалық көп тілді есептер жиынтығы”, "The practical reference book on epidemiology".


Research work of department

In 2018-2019 academic year 3 master theses "Assessment of efficiency of vaccinal prevention of socially important infectious diseases in South Kazakhstan region", "Defeats of the central and peripheral nervous system at a brucellosis in South Kazakhstan region ", "the Clinical-epidemiological characteristic of meningitis and meningoencephalitis at children in the conditions of South Kazakhstan region " are prepared for protection.

3 textbooks on in the Russian and state languages, 11 manuals in the Russian and state languages on infectious diseases are published, systematically articles and theses of PPS are published in various editions and collections of scientific conferences, the student scientific circle also functions watches, rounds are carried out, heavy and difficult patients in offices consult I PERISHED, city hospitals, regular participation in medical and practical, clinical pathological anatomy conferences, LKK, meetings of society of infectology is conducted, lectures and seminars in the hepatitis school are held.


Planning, organization and carrying out scientific research

Primary policlinic service of department works over Scientific and technical the "Improvement of Diagnostics, Treatment and Prevention of Congo-crimean hemorrhagic fever of the South Kazakhstan region by Assessment of a Real Epidemiological Situation and Development of Specific Immunoglobulin" project complex studying of epidemiological, clinical features of Congo-crimean hemorrhagic fever Is carried out to South Kazakhstan region, defects of diagnostics and treatment, the clinical -economic analysis of the rendered medical assistance and development on this basis of the program of optimization of diagnostics and treatment of CCHF.


The organization, carrying out and participation in scientific conferences, scientific and practical conferences, thematic conferences, intercathedral, seminars, the Olympic Games, etc., with the indication of level of carrying out and extent of participation. 

1) Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in pregnancy: A systematic review and case series from Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey, N.Y.Pshenichnaya, H.Leblebicooglu, I.Bozkurt, I.V.Sannikova, G.N.Abuova, A.S.Zhuravlev, S.Barut, M.B.Shermetova, Tom E.Fletcher. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, № 58 (2017) 58-64, Elsevier. 

2) Infection prevention and control practice for Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever – A multi-center cross-sectional survey in Eurasia. Tom E.Fletcher, Abuova Gulzhan, Salih Ahmeti, at all. Journal PLOS one, July, 2017. 

3) Nozokomialny transfer of the Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever at pregnant women: description of cases. N.Yu. Pshenichnaya, L.A. Ermakova, G.N. Abuova, G.V. Gopatsa, A.S. Zhuravlev. preventive and clinical medicine, No. 2 (63) 2017. St. Petersburg, 2017.

4) Experience and the prospects of teaching the subject “Fundamentals of epidemiology” at the master level with the use of active methods of training. Gulzhan Abuova, Farida Berdalieva. Scientific Journal of the modern education & Research institute. The Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels, 2017. 

5) Availability of hepatitis C diagnostics and therapeutics in European and Eurasia countries. Hakan Leblebicioglua, Joop E. Arendsb, Resat Ozarasc, Gulzhan Abuovat, at all. Contents lists available at Science Direct. Antiviral Research 150 (2018) 9-14.

6) Clinical efficiency of the standard modes of etiotropny therapy of a brucellosis. Berdaliyeva F.A. Bishkek. New technologies. - 2015. - No. 1

7) Etiotropny therapy of a sharp brucellosis and eradikation of brucellas. Berdaliyeva F.A. of Almaty. Bulletin of the Kazakh national medical university. – 2015. - No. 1

8) Influence of components of etiotropny therapy of a sharp brucellosis on development of a recurrence in patients., Berdaliyeva F.A., Moscow. Infectious diseases. - 2015. - No. 1

9) Etiotropny treatment of a sharp brucellosis: Berdaliyeva F.A., Syzdykov M.S., Kuznetsov A.N., Daulbayeva S. F., Almaty. KNTsKZI. 2015. 18 p.

10) Experience and the prospects of teaching the subject “Fundamentals of epidemiology” at the master level with the use of active methods of training., Farida Berdalieva., Gulzhan Abuova., Scientific Journal of the modern education & Research institute. TheKingdomofBelgium, Brussels, 2017. Measles among pregnant women in South Kazakhstan in recent times. 17th International Congress on Infectious Diseases, Хайдарабад, Индия. 

The Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever in the South Kazakhstan region. The IX Annual All-Russian Congress on infectious diseases with the international participation, Moscow, 2017.

Brucellosis at pregnant women in the Southe Kazakhstan region. International scientific and practical conference "Relevant infections of Central Asia: management of infectious diseases at a stage of primary health care", Astana, 2017


Participation in work of scientific organizations.

- Primary policlinic service of department monthly participated in work of regional society of infectology.

- Head of department, PhDs in Medicine. Abuova G.N. gives lectures and holds seminars in the hepatitis school at Regional clinical hospital.

- Head of department, PhDs in Medicine. Abuova G.N. gives lectures and the obstetrician-gynecologists of SKR holds seminars in regional society

Planning and edition of scientific works.

The edition of 3 educational and methodical grants has been planned for 2018.

1. "Modern technologies of teaching in clinical protocols of diagnostics and treatment in residency and an internship"; 

2. «ЖТД мамандығына арналған жұқпалы арулар бойынша клиникалық көп тілді есептер жиынтығы», 

3. "The practical reference book on epidemiology".


Organization of the research work of students (RWS):

The student scientific circle (SSC) "Infectology" works at department. Students from among undergraduates are a part of a circle; interns-therapists, interns-pediatricians, interns -general practitioner, bachelors. Circle meetings are monthly held, according to the plan of NIRS. Under the leadership of teachers members of SNK prepare reports, the presentations, clinical analyses on infectious pathology, there are publications which have appeared in periodicals prepared by undergraduates; educational "clinical records" of infectious patients are developed.


Suggestions for improvement of scientific work of department, faculty of academy. 

Equipment of department the modern diagnostic equipment, activization of PPS in participation International conferences with reports, in clusters, temporary on-stage performance groups increase in number of articles and theses in common with experts of practical health care, the number of acts of introduction of new medical technologies in the medical organizations.


Educational work

Educational process in the academic groups includes participation of the curator in educational and educational activity of the student, in formation of the creative person with involvement of students to work in scientific student circles of academy, in education of sense of patriotism, internationalism, careful attitude to national heritage of the people.

Educational work at department is carried out according to the comprehensive program of educational work of formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the plan of educational work of the South Kazakhstan medical academy and basic provisions and regulations on the organization of educational work. The plan of carrying out and the organization of educational work and fixing to teachers of curator groups is discussed and approved at a faculty meeting.

The purpose of educational process is based on the following directions:

- active living position;

- self-education, self-affirmation, valuable orientations;

- formation of human and spiritual qualities.

In the organization and carrying out educational work among students, a special role is played by curator activity.

Being guided by these factors, curators carry out educational work with students in the course of study and in out of school hours.

Teachers of department according to the thematic plan in the supervised groups spend curator hours, and the annual Message of the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan is discussed. Students under the leadership of curators take active part in public life of academy, in all republican and city actions. 

Education - purposeful process of training of the personality and the obligation is made lives of society


Structure of department:

1. Abuova Gulzhan Narkenovna – head of infection diseases and dermatovenerology department, PhD’s in Medicine., professor

2. Berdaliyeva Farida Abdullayevna- associate professor, PhD’s

3. Uzbekova Lyazzat Makhanbetkulovna – PhD’s in Medicine., acting associate professor

4. Hodzhabekov Bakytzhan Kaytpasovich – PhD’s in Medicine., associate professor

5. Zhumagulova Kulyaykhan Zhumagulovna - an assistant

6. Aliyev of Daulet Sabyrovich- an assistant

7. Sarypbekova Laura Lesbekowna -an assistant

8. Dzhanabayev Radik Timerkhanovich - an assistant 

9. Apsatarova Laura Erbosynovna – assistant

10. Altayeva Asel Muratovna – the teacher

11. Konirbayeva Kamshat Nurzhanovna – the teacher

12. Auezkhanov Samathan Polatovich – the teacher

13. Bimakhanbetova Makpal Orazkhanovna – senior laboratory assistant

14. Tastanbekova Zhanylai Bedelnekovna – senior laboratory assistant

15. Beketova Asel – laboratory assistant


Аddress: g.Shymkent, Zhibek-Zholy st. b/n

Теl.: 8-701-732-81-58

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 











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