Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology


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The history of the Department

The Department of «Hygiene and Epidemiology» was organized in 1994, under the original name - "General Hygiene".

Initially, the department was created on the basis of the Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Station of the South Kazakhstan region under the candidate of medical sciences (Ph.D) B.K. Turgautov. The same year from Almaty city there was specially invited the doctor of medical sciences, Professor Zh.T.Turlybekov. Later, because of the creating "Organization of the healthcare" Department, he was transferred to the position of the head of this Department.

The Doctor of medical sciences, Professor B.E. Altynbekov, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the RK, was appointed as the head of the


Department in February, 1995. As the head of the Department B.E. Altynbekov paid a great attention to the specific goals of the teaching process:

- to raise the scientific and qualification category of teachers and specialists of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station;

- to strengthen educational-technical base and logistics of the Department;

- developing of mastering of modern training teaching methods and students science.

2 doctoral theses, 9 PhD theses were defended under the guidance of the professor B.E. Altynbekov. The specialists of the highest category were prepared for the South Kazakhstan, Kyzyl-Orda, Zhambyl regions by sanitary profile.

The research work of the Department is directed to studying of harmful factors of working conditions at major industrial facilities of the South Kazakhstan region and environmental protection. Much work has been done on promoting of healthy lifestyle. In 1999, the Department organized refresher courses for specialists of the Sanitary and Epidemiological station of South Kazakhstan on topical issues of hygiene and epidemiology; for the public health physicians and assistant doctors epidemiologists there were organized a series of themes "Topical problems of hygiene and sanitation", " Topical problems of epidemiology".

Because of the reorganization of the Social Medicine Department, in 2002 it was united with the Department of public health and health care. Since 2003 by the decision of the State Attestation Commission, on the base of the staff list, the Departments were divided, and the Department "General hygiene and ecology" was organized.

On July 27, 2011 by the decision of the Academic Council, minutes № 11, on the basis of staff list and rector's order № 191 dated 14.07.2012, the Department "General hygiene and ecology" was renamed to the Department of "Health – 1".

On November 21, 2012 by the decision of the Academic Council and the rector's order No. 241 the Departments of Health-1 and physical education were united under the name of the Department "Hygiene-1, physical training and valeology".

In September, 2016 because of adding the subject "Epidemiology" to the Department "Health – 1" and by the decision of the Academic Council, the name of the Department was changed to "Health-1 and epidemiology". 

On august 31, 2017 by the decision of the academic council and the rector's order no. 241 the departments of «hygiene-1 and epidemiology» and«hygiene-2» were united under the name of the department "hygiene and epidemiology».

Currently, the Department is located in the Academy building No. 3 on 3-4th floor and consists of 2 lecture halls, 1 office for head of the Department, 2 studies for teaching staff study for laboratory assistant, 10 classrooms. 



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Bibigul Zaydullakyzy Doltayeva 

Head of Department of Hygiene and epidemiology,

candidate of medical sciences, acting Professor


In 1988-95 - studied at the Karaganda state medical institute, sanitary-hygienic faculty of the specialty "Hygiene, epidemiology and sanitation" 

In 2001 she defended her thesis on the topic "Comprehensive assessment of the formative influence of biochemical environment pollution on the health workers in lead production."

In 2008, she was awarded the title of Associate Professor.

She is the author of 45 scientific articles and 1 manual on the topic "Hygienic assessment of the adequacy of population’s individual nutrition".

In 2015, she was appointed an acting professor of the department and in December 2016, according to the order of the Academy’s rector, she was appointed dean of the medical faculty.


 Faculty of the Department:

1. Bibigul Zaydullaevna Doltayeva - the head of the department, candidate of Medical Sciences, acting Professor

2. Mereke Mamyrovna Orazova – Deputy Head of the Department, Master

3. Gulmira Kulymbetovna Yergebekova - Candidate of Medical Sciences, acting associate Professor

4. Yeskerova Sara Usstemirovna- Candidate of Medical Sciences, acting associate Professor

5. Olga Alexandrovna Ermolayeva – senior lecturer, master

6. Zheniskul Begasilovna Jaksybayeva – senior lecturer, master

7. Akmaral Rahmatullaevna Zhumadilova– senior lecturer, PhD doctor

8. Gulmira Nurpapaevna Nuraliyeva– senior lecturer, master

9. Meruyert  Ayubekovna Taizhanova – senior lecturer, master

10. Daulet  Sabyrovich Aliyev – teacher

11. Erkin Begalievich Bukharbayev– teacher, master

12. Tamarakhan Tulkubayevna Serikpaeva – teacher

13. Baykonsova Laura Omarovna- teacher, master

14. Duysenbayeva Meruert Meyrambekovna- teacher.

15. Galizhankyzy Moldir- teacher, master

16. Rystygulova Zhanar Botabaevna – teacher, master


Laboratory assistants

1. Gulshat Borisovna Baigaliyeva

2. Zauer Bauerovich Altynbekov 

3. Urkimbayeva Bakhtygul Tamashevna


Main goals and tasks of the department

The Department is the main educational, methodical, pedagogic and scientific structural division of Academy. Also,it is engaged in preparation of scientific-pedagogical training and advanced training of specialists.

The work of the Department is conducted in accordance with state educational standard, and is aimed at high quality, practical and professional preparedness of future specialists .

The Department includes: head of the Department, professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, lecturers,lab.assistants, Department secretaries.

The Department works with the compliance of annual plan which covers educational-methodical, scientific-research, pedagogic and public work.

In order to discuss general questions of the Department and decision making, monthly minimum once per month we hold meetings and sub-faculty meetings and tutorial workshop concerning teaching work.

The Department makes the documentation of educational and scientific processes content.


Methodical work of the Department

At the Department of "Hygiene Training 1 and epidemiology" all training work is carried out in accordance with the work of the bachelor of SKSPhA.

In all subjects there are typical curricula in the state and Russian languages. We have made working programs for the model curricula.

Training work of the Department is conducted on the basis of SOESRK 3.07-440-2003 SOESRK 2.06-182-2003, and in accordance with the working plan of the Department.

At the Department meeting each month issues of progress and attendance of students are considered. 

Training -methodical documentation of Department is fully updated and prepared in accordance with the requirements responsible persons are appointed.

For the laboratory work in all subjects for students and teachers we`ve compiled methodological recommendations in Russian and Kazakh languages. Under the model curriculum for the subjects of 3rd year "Environment and health", "Radiation hygiene", "Principles of pharmaceutical hygiene"; subjects for 4 -year"Hygiene of children and adolescents", "Occupational safety"; subjects for 5-year"occupational health", "Health Strengthening and prevention", "Environmental safety of society", "Organization and ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population", "Epidemiology" methodological developments in two languages are made.

For all sections of each course we prepared questions and entered them a computer, examination questions according to the academic course to following course are written in Russian and Kazakh languages. 


Research work of the Department

At the Department research work is conducted according to the plan approved by the vice-rector for research work of SKSPhA. Responsible for the research work at the Department of" Hygiene-1 and Epidemiology" are Z.B.Altynbekov and D.S. Aliyev.


Research work of Department is conducted in the following areas:

1. The improvement of the socio-hygienic monitoring and integrated assessment of the effectiveness of programs for the prevention of ecologically caused diseases of the population in the area of large-scale lead production;

2. The study of the physical development on the health conditions of children and adolescents in modern conditions;

3. To study the influence of environmental factors on the health of the population in modern conditions.


Research work of students

The research work of the department with the student is conducted in accordance with the plan of the student scientific club of the department. The parts of complex topics of the department are allocated between students. Currently, the hygienic laboratory is working with the radiometer, an aspirator, a gas analyzer, light meter. Each month the results of the study are discussed in scientific seminars in the form of essays and reports.

Responsible for research work of students is the teacher B. K.Toizhanov.


The research work of the Department covers the following areas:

- "Study of the health status of the population of South Kazakhstan region and the residents of Shymkent city",

- "Evaluation of the health status of children and adolescents in South Kazakhstan region",

- "The main problems of healthy lifestyle formation among pupils and students".


Educational work of the Department

The main purpose of the group’s educational work is to prepare a fully developed specialist. The educational work of groups supervisors on the formation of deep knowledge, engage in scientific work, the formation of ethnic tolerance, increased patriotism and high culture, respect for national heritage among students is of great importance.

Responsible for the educational work of the Department are Bukharbayev Yerkin Begalievich.

In order to instill the youth the above concepts,there are excursions for students at historically architectural buildings in our region, in particular the mausoleum of K. A. Yassavi in Turkestan, the mausoleum Arystanbab in the Otrar region, and for political ideological education Museum "Local History" in the city of Shymkent city.



Address: 4-study building, 3-4 floor

Phone: 312,314.

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










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