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History of the department

Languages department, which included Kazakh,Russianand foreign languages, was established in1979as a branch of Almaty Pharmaceutical Institute. The department consisted of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. For severaldecades,it was headed byDoctor of PhilosophyT.B. Bayzhanov, L.T.Fayzievaand B.K. Uyzbayeva. In 2002,as a result ofthe reorganization, the new department of foreign languageswas founded and headed bya seniorteacher A.Kim. The department was headed by senior teachers A.S. Kim, O.A.Samofalova,F.T.Ybyray, A.S.Saifutdinova during 2002- 2018.

The Head of the Foreign Languages Department is G.K.Zhumagulova. She successfully defended her scientific research at the Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages in Almaty, and was awarded the title (of candidate of philological sciences).


Objectives of the department

Based on the achievements of science and practice, as well as continuous changes in the world market, the formation and upbringing of specialists in the field of pharmacy and medicine is the main purpose. The ability to distinguish the diversity of programs, aimed at the formation of speech and language competence. With these objectives the Department works in the directions of:

1) improving of management technologies of student’s independent work

2) using of multimedia technologies

3) using of case technologies


Educational- methodical work of the department

The Department of Foreign Languages trains bachelors, masters and residents.

Basic training courses:

Undergraduate training is provided the following areas: general foreign language and a foreign language for professional purposes (medical and pharmacy).

Graduate students study general English and English for professional purposes (medicine and pharmacy). 

Course conducts in English language. 

In accordance with the concept of modernization of education, the teachers of the department make every effort to improve their knowledge. That’s why teachers of the department use modern technique and innovative technology in teaching and learning of a foreign language. Many teachers are authors of textbooks and teaching materials that are used in practical classes, SIWST and SIW.

These are the main programs «General Professional» and «Intensive English for Professional Purposes». 


Scientific work of the Foreign languages department

Research work of the Department

Direction of the department:

1. Methodological aspects in teaching English in a medical university (working / professional attitude, original content as well as working with information, planned and modular training, portfolio method, differentiated education of students)

2. The usage of intensive technology in teaching foreign languages in a medical college.


1. Proven knowledge in teaching foreign languages.

2.Psychological strategy in teaching foreign languages.


Socio-cultural aspects in teaching English in a multilingual center.

The head of the department and teachers take part in scientific conferences; they review scientific papers and publish scientific articles. With this purpose Saifutdinova A.S. took part in the Folk Internet Olympiad for teachers of English and received a diploma of the first degree. And also Saifutdinova A.S. is an expert editor of the magazine «Journal of American Academic Research», «Editorial Review Board». English-speaking teachers are regularly invited to the center of Multilingual Education as visiting-professors. 


Educational work

Educational work is an essential part of pedagogical process. At the foreign languages department the education work is fulfilled in several directions:

1. Civil and patriotic education of students.

2. Promoting tolerance and mutual respect through foreign languages with regard to the trilingual policy in Kazakhstan.

3. Educating a harmonically developed personality of the student through regional studies of foreign language material in the classroom.

Students have extensive opportunities to learn the art of communication in creative projects, activities and events organized by the teachers of foreign languages department. Curatorial work is of great importance for the education of students. Since the beginning of the academic year the curators of groups educate the students during the whole year. Theme hours, round tables, mini-conferences are held for students of academic groups.


At the present time at the Department woks:

G.K. Zhumagulova - candidate of sciences (philology), head of the Department

A.N.Adilova - head teacher of department, teacher

N.K.Zharkynbekova - docent

U.A.Khasanova - senior teacher, master of philology 

D.Zh.Sarzhanova – senior teacher, master of philology

D.U. Utenova - senior teacher, master of philology

A.O. Kadyrbergenova - senior teacher, master of philology

K.S.Taukeeva - senior teacher, master of philology

G.G.Igambekova - senior teacher, master of philology

G.O.Alipbayeva - senior teacher, master of philology

T.P. Bakhtybaeva- teacher

A.A.Tastemir - teacher

A.A.Tolbasiyeva - teacher

A.D. Tomanova - teacher

A.T. Ermekali - teacher

Zh.Zh.Zhoshybay - head of cabinet

S.O.Zeidulla – senior assistent

A.Z.Tunhyshbay – senior assistent

A.G.Batyrbekova - senior assistent


Address of the department: Turkestan region, Shymkent city, Al-Farabi square, Building №4, 2nd floor, 1-6, 8-9 classrooms, Building №3, 106, 112, 206 classrooms.













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