Department of Emergency Medical Care and Nursing



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History of the department

With decision of the Academic Council in August 2004 was organized the Department of “Anesthesiology, reanimatology and nursing basics” as an independent unit of the South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy.

The head of the department was candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Aldeshev Almas Aldeshevich, who made a great contribution to the formation of the department. At the moment of foundation, the department was located in the regional clinical hospital. The department consisted from employees as: Associate Professor, Ph.D. N.A. Bubei, assistants E.I. Mileshina, E.Z. Baymuhanbetova, teachers N.R. Djumankulova, D.D. Eshimbetova, M.A. Iskakova, M.O. Kanlibekov.

The staff of the department provided great practical and consultative assistance in the treatment of patients at the department's bases, as well as other medical institutions of the region was through sanaviation. Employees of the department published more than 200 articles, published 1 guidebook  and 6 teaching aids. In 2009, when was the reorganization of South Kazakhstan State Medical University into South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy the department was transformed into the course of "Anesthesiology, resuscitation and the fundamentals of nursing" at the department of “Surgical Disciplines No 2”. In August 2010, by Order No. 108 of August 27, 2010, the course was again transformed into the department - "Nursing care with the course of anesthesiology and resuscitation". In 2017, the department was renamed "Emergency Medical Care and Nursing".

The tasks of the department are the training of specialists with deep theoretical and practical training, strong professional knowledge, skills and competencies corresponding to the state compulsory standards of specialties: “General Medicine”, “Nursing (bachelors and master degree)”, “Public Health” , “Pharmacy”, cadets of the faculty of continuous professional development, students of  FCE. The department teaches  interns of  6-7 courses, students of 1-4 courses in the specialty "Nursing", 3 courses in "Public Health" and "Pharmacy" specialties; students of  2-3 courses FCE Master's students 1-2 years of training in the specialty "Nursing".

Disciplines are taught in Kazakh, Russian, English.

The department updates the list of readable disciplines annually.

Scientific priorities of the staff of the department are questions of improvement and modernization of nursing, palliative care, anesthesiology and resuscitation, internal medicine, IMCI.


The main training courses:

- Basics of Nursing

- Patient-Oriented training

- Improvement of  best practices in the provision of first aid

- Introduction to the profession

- Management in nursing

- Palliative care and nursing care

- Emergency care 

- Specialized Nursing

- Nursing home care

- Primary care in diabetes

- Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

- Health status assessment

- Basics of Rehabilitation


The mission of the educational program of the specialty "Nursing"

The mission of educational program 6B10104 "Nursing" is guided by the mission of the SCMA, contains the requirements of the the national standard of education and is to train highly qualified competitive nursing specialists of a new formation in accordance with the requirements of international and modern society.


The mission of the educational program of the master's degree "Nursing"

EP MDN mission: Training of highly qualified and competitive masters of nursing for the southern region and the entire Republic, who are able to quickly adapt to any rapidly changing situation due to the constant development of competence and creative initiative based on modern science and practice.



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Head of the Department of “Emergency Medical Care and Nursing”



After graduating of  medical faculty of the Karaganda State Medical Institute in 1993, worked as a doctor-therapist of the regional hospital, as an assistant at the department of therapy at the eastern branch of the Karaganda State Medical Institute, from 2001-2010. assistant of the department of propaedeutics of internal diseases SKSPHA, since 2010 -2015 - acting associate professor of the department of therapy undergraduate SKSPHA. Since September 2015 - Head of the Department of “Nursing with the course of anesthesiology and resuscitation” of South Kazakhstan State Medical  University, since September 2017 the department has been renamed to the Department of  “Emergency Medical Care and Nursing”. The highest category therapuetist.

She  is a member of the National Commission for the Assessment of Medical Colleges for the reorganization to the Higher Colleges, an expert of independent accreditation agencies of the NAAR and IAEQK, a member of the Association of Physicians of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the chairman of the CMA of clinical disciplines, a member of the Academic Council, the Faculty Council, an intra-university quality control, an adviser of students and undergraduates of the specialty " Nursing ". She  has more than 180 scientific papers, including a patent for an invention, 4 manuals,  co-author of 2 standard programs and clinical cases on the specialty "General Medicine", author of the State Educational Standard and the Model Professional Program in the specialty "Nursing".

Participates in the work, speaks at congresses, international conferences, round tables with employers. She took courses in qualification improvement: "Fundamentals of Medical Education", Astana, "Communicative Skills", KazNMU Almaty, "Medicine and Pharmaceuticals", SKSPHA Shymkent, "Competence approach in the development of educational programs ", MKTU Turkestan," Basics of information retrieval in evidence-based medicine ", RepublicCenter for Health Development, " Methodology for designing test tasks ", NTC Astana," Model of training nurses in Finland "At the University of Applied Sciences, JAMK (University of Applied Sciences), Yuvaskula and Lahti (Finland)," Professional Development Program for Higher Education of Kazakhstan "(2016), Center for Innovative Technologies Transfer, " Effective Teacher " Karaganda 2017, master classes on Modernization of Nursing in the Republic of Kazakhstan - 2015-2018.  Makes seminars for the faculty of the Academy on modules: "Communicative skills", "Effective teacher", mentors training for applied bachelor's degree. Is a supervisor  and scientific consultant of 17 undergraduates of the specialty "Nursing".

He has the following awards: Gratitude in honor of the day of medical workers, Certificate of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan for contribution to the promotion of public health, thanks to the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the RK, appreciation from JAMK of the University of Applied Sciences (Finland).


Teaching staff of the department:

1. Seydakhmetova Aizat Ashimkhanovna - head of the chair, Ph.D., associate professor

2. Aldeshev Almas Aldeshevich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Prof.

3. Zhumabaev Tolebai Zhumabaevich - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

4. Turgunbaeva Saule Intykbaevna - Ph.D., Associate Professor

5. Zhambaeva Nurzhamal Duseybekovna - assistant

6. Kalmanov Nurlan Zhumanovich - assistant

7. Sultanova Zhanat Sarsenovna - assistant

8. Orazbaeva Elanora Abdykalykovna - assistant

9. Yerimbetova Laura Saparbaevna - assistant

10. Zulpuharova Gulnur Kultasovna - assistant

11. Sultanova Zarina Ikhtiyarovna - assistant

12. Serikova Bagdat Djuldibaevna - teacher

13. Isabaeva Guldana Zhumabekovna-teacher

14. Taygasheva NurgulManarbekovna-teacher

15. Beknazarova Zhanyl Bauyrzhanovna-teacher

16. Toleuova Akgulim Erbolatovna-teacher

17. Zharasova Nurzhamal Kairatovna-teacher

18. Suleimen Gulshim Sabykyzy-senior laboratory assistant

19. Yesova Ulzhan Asaralyzy-lab assistant

20. Utarova Moldir Muhammadzhanovna - laboratory assistant

21. Shalkarova Ulbala Amangeldievna-laboratory assistant

22. Raizymkulova Aizada Zalkhanzyzy - laboratory assistant



The department is located at: 

Clinical databases of the department are: Regional Center of Hyperbaric Oxygenation. T. Orynbaeva (OC HBO), emergency hospital (SHCEH), traumatology department of the Center for Outpatient Surgery and Gynecology, No. 4 substation of the Shymkent city emergency station.

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    Diploma, letter of thanks

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