Department of Dental Disciplines


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Department of History

Department of dental disciplines was organized in 1999, under the original name of «Dentistry».

Originally department was created on the basis of Iskendirov M.A. In 2000-2002 y. it was divided in to departments.

1)Therapeutic and or thopedic dentistry- head of department Sydygaliev K.M.

2)Surgical dentistry and dentistry for children- head of department Kenbaev U.O.

In 2007 y., in the connection with the increase in the continent of higher and medium-level students department was divided into 2 in dependent fields: department of dentistry and department of dentistry and department of dental college, headed by Sydygaliev K.M. and Nurgazieva G.A. 2009 y. Preparation of the highest level of dentistry was suspended and department of dental college success fully functions by date. 2018 y. Otained license for training to intern ships and under graduate. Assigned to the head of department of dental discipline Shokparov A.B.


The problem of the department:

- To increase the scientific and qualification category of teachers and specialists of public health.

- To strengthen the material and educational- technical base of the department

- To develop the development of modern education techniques of teaching «student science»


The basic training courses:

- therapeutic dentistry

- orthopedic dentistry

- orthodontics

- surgical dentistry

- dentistry for children

- implantology


Discipline of the department are in two languages Kazakh, Russian. Now there are working 10 teachers and 3 laboratories in the states of department. One of them is a c.of m.s.



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Shykparov Asylbek Baydilovich

Head of the department «Dental disciplines» c.m.s.

In 1973-1979 y. studied in Almaty in the state medical institute for dental faculty by specialty «Dentistry».

In 2010 y. Defended his thesis on “Features of dental implantation in patients with type-2 diabetes, clinical immunological and organizational aspects”.

He is the author of 12 scientific articles.

Since 2009 to the present, he – is the main non-staff dentist in the-

In 2018 by order of the rector, was appointed head of the department of dental disciplines


Teaching staff of the department.

Deputy of the head of the department assistant teacher


Teaching staff of the department:

1.Shykparov Asylbek Baydilovich - head of the department ,c.m.s.

2. Temir Indira Omirbekkizi – deputy head of the department

3. Beisenova Gylzhaina Esengeldievna – assistant

4. Musabekova Bahytkul Esenbaeva - assistant

5. Bainasheva Laura Abdymanapovna – teacher

6. Kudiayrov Nurbol Sattarhanovich – teacher

7. Kaipov Serik Saparalievich – teacher

8. Onalbaev Bolatbek Pernebaevich – teacher

9. Bekmurzaev Medeubek Igenbaevich – teacher

10. Babazhanov Nurzhan Muhtarovich -- teacher



Contact information:

Address: Shymkent, Al-Farabi square, 1/1, main building, 1st floor, room 101

Tel.: 8(778)554-97-81 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











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