Department of postgraduate education


Department of Postgraduate Education

         Sector of after a diploma education, abstracted from as scientifically-clinical department (by the order №8p from 31.01.2011y) was renamed in the department of after institution of higher learning education, by the order of chancellor UKGFA 

№80p from 28.08.2013y. 

         In the structure of department included: 

-   it is a chief of department; 

-   it is a methodist of deparment; 

-   it is a specialist of department. 

         The primary purpose of activity – of department is training of scientifically-pedagogical, administrative, clinical personnenls. 

         By the basic tasks of department: 

-         activity implementation in the field of training of the skills in residency and a master’s; 

-    introduction and further improvement in department of the quality system of training of specialists at the modern level which is meeting the requirements of the state obligatory standards of education and current trends, developing in the market of educational services; 

-      maintenance of high educational and labour - disciplineamong student, proper order and good organization. 

         Basic functions of department: 

-               department organizes, coordinates and controls an educational processand scientific activity of master’s and residents;

-          organizes, controls and regulates all forms of educational process on   departments participating in preparation of residents and master’s.







Awards and achievements

  • Diploma, letter of thanks

    Diploma, letter of thanks

  • Certificate