Happy anniversary, Saparbek Musakhanovich Sakhov!

22 December 2020, 2:13 pm
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Senior teacher of history of the Department of social and humanitarian disciplines of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Sakhov Saparbek Musakhanovich turned 70 years old!

Saparbek Musakhanovich Sakhov began his career in 1967 as a graduate trainee at Shymkent Polytechnic Technical School as a worker of Shymkent phosphorous salts plant. Today, all works of the hero of the day is connected with the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

In 1987, S. M. Sakhov successfully defended his dissertation on “the candidate of historical sciences”. In his labor activity, the senior lecturer worked as a director of the "Design studio"", at the educational center "Proftech-5"", at the College of new technologies named after M. Utebayev, the ""scientific and methodological center of quality and science"", deputy of the South-Kazakhstan maslikhat. Saparbek Musakhanovich was awarded the badge "Outstanding Teacher of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (1997), the Jubilee Medal "Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 10 years" (2002), the order "Kurmet" (2005), the Jubilee Medal "Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan 20 years" (2015), the Jubilee Medal "Kazakhstan 20 years of maslikhats" (2015), the medal "veteran of Labor" (2015), Jubilee Medal "25 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

By congratulating Saparbek Musakhanovich on his anniversary, we wish him good health, success in the educational space, prosperity and all the best!

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    Diploma, letter of thanks

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