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History of the department

The department of policlinic 2 is created at SKSMA in 2007. From 2007 to 2009 the head of department was candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Yugay N.V. In 2009 in connection with reorganization of academy the department is renamed into department of policlinic. From 2009 to 2012 the head of the department was candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Kauyzbai Zh. A. 

In 2012 course of ambulance service and in 2013 course of obstetrics and gynecology and fundamentals of health and safety were transferred to department, in this regard the department is renamed into Primary health care department with a course of obstetrics and gynecology. In 2017 the department is renamed into “Primary health care -1”, since April, 2018 into “General practice doctor -1”. Since 2012 till present days the department is headed by Yugay N.V.

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Objectives of the department: 

Training of the general practitioner capable to work in the system of the rendering primary health care and capable to bear responsibility for ensuring continuous medical care to each patient who has addressed for him/her taking into account features of his/her family, society in which he/she lives of his/her culture, irrespective of his/her age and gender and also the nature of his/her disease.

Basic training courses:

- internship on specialty “General medical practice”; 

- residency on specialty “Pediatrics” and “Out-patient and emergency medical service in pediatrics”;

- retraining and professional development of doctors and average health workers on faculty staff retraining cycles: “Issues of general practice”, “Topical issues of therapy”, “Topical issues of pediatrics”. 


Disciplines are taught in Kazakh and Russian languages

The renewability of taught disciplines: educational and methodical complex of disciplines, lectures’ and practical classes’ materials and control and measuring means are reconsidered and updated annually. 



The mission of the General Medicine educational program (hereinafter referred to as EP) is to train competitive personnel providing medical care at the PHC level and ready for continuous professional development.

The mission of the EP is presented by the Committee for the General Medicine (CEP) educational program, discussed with employers at a round table in January 2018. The mission was introduced to department staff, students, interns, clinical base management and practical healthcare representatives.

The mission of the EP “General Medicine” is posted on the SKMA website, in the organizational structure section (in the subsection Department of «General doctor-1»), at the stand of the dean’s office and at the chair of «General doctor-1» of SKMA.

The medical organization of education should determine the mission of the educational program on the basis of considering the needs of public health, the needs of the medical care system and, accordingly, other aspects of social responsibility

EP “General Medicine” provides for bachelor and internship studies. The mission of the EP is developed taking into account the competencies of the graduate of the internship and the level of qualification in accordance with the industry qualifications framework.

During the developing the mission, the need for healthcare in medical personnel and the possibility of admitting an internship graduate to independent activities were taken into account. To date, graduates of the internship in the EP “General Medicine” can independently perform the functional duties of a general practitioner at the level of primary health care and provide emergency medical care


Scientific priorities of the department:

1. Prevention of micronutrition insufficiency and organization of healthy food as RK’s health care priority in the system of mother and child health protection 

2. Prevention of noninfectious diseases at primary health care level 


Teaching staff of the department:

Yugay N.V. – head of the department, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor

Musayev Yu. M - doctor of medical sciences, acting professor 

Bektibayeva N. Sh - candidate of medical sciences, acting associate professor 

Kuandykov E. K. - candidate of medical sciences, acting associate professor

Datkayeva G. M – candidate of medical sciences, acting associate professor 

Doskarayeva P. T – candidate of medical sciences, acting associate professor 

Eshimbetova D.D. – assistant 

Salkhozhayeva K.K. – master of medical sciences

Tazhiyeva A.D. – master of medical sciences

Pazyl A.B. – master of medical sciences

Emesheva M.A. - assistant

Kamysbayeva A.K. - assistant


Address and contact information:

ShCP№3 – Nursat, 190 

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











Awards and achievements

  • Diploma, letter of thanks

    Diploma, letter of thanks

  • Certificate