Party cell of SKMA "Bedel" and "Zhas Otan" from NUR OTAN party


        On November 20, 2009 with the assistance of the head of the NDP "Nur-Otan" of Shymkent city branch of O.P. Meldekhanov in SKSPhA was created the primary party organization "Bedel". The rector of SKSPhA professor B. D. Seksenbayev was elected as the chairman of primary party organization, A. R. Kozhatayev a the senior teacher of "Social Medicine, Public Health and Health Care"  was elected as the vice-chairman . The number of members of  "Bedel" of NDP "Nur-Otan" in SKSPhA are 125 .


        Primary party organization of South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy "Bedel" of NDP "Nur-Otan" annually makes the plan of conducting events according to which  the plan realizes into the actions actions.

        On January 28, 2010 at the meeting of primary party organization "Bedel" of NDP "Nur-Otan" of South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy members of Bureau were elected: A. K. Karabekov, B. K. Nurmashev, M. A. Buleshov, B. K. Dosybayev, A. A. Zhumabekova. Zh. Zh. Baymukhanbetov, A. A. Ahmetova, Zh. M. Arystanov, B. K. Makhatov as Political council of primary party organization "Bedel" of NDP "Nur-Otan".

       Primary party organization "Bedel" carries in common out work with a youth wing "Zhas Otan" SKSPhA. The structure of a youth wing "Zhas Otan" includes 500 students, they participate in all actions of academy and the city very actively.

      In November, 2010 as the vice-chairman of the NDP "Nur-Otan" primary party organization of South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy , c.m.s Nurmashev B K - the dean of professional development faculty was elected.

     In April, 2010 primary party organization "Bedel" of NDP "Nur — Otan" at regional competition "The Best Primary Party Organization" for a contribution to implementation of party decrees and implementation of the program purposes and tasks won  the first place.


   The chairman of Shymkent city branch of the primary party organization “Nur-Otan” Meldehanov O.P. took part in solemn meeting, entitled “Kazakhstan is our common home”, dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan; he delivered a congratulatory speech to teachers, students, he congratulated everybody on Independence Day and noted achievements of the country for 20 years, focused on the achievements of the Academy.

Meldehanov O.P. exhorted everybody to contribute to prosperity of the country, our blessed land, to raise authority of the Academy; he has assured that he believes that young people will meet the expectations of older generation.

       Chairman of the city branch of “Nur- Otan” presents certificates to members of the primary party organization “Bedel”. The members are Rector of South- Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, Prof. Seksenbayev Bakhytzhan Deribsaliyevich; Pro – Rector of Scientific and Clinical Affairs Nurmashev Bekaydar Kaldybayevich; Head of Physical Education Department AshirbayevOrynbasar Atyrkhanovich; Head of Kazakh and Latin languages Department Salim Erbol Kaltursynovich; Senior teacher of Social Medicine and Public Health Department Asemgul Rahymkyzy Kozhatayeva. 


        In December 2011, at the Academy Hall there was a meeting under the title “Hero of Independence” in honor of 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this meeting was organized by the department of educational work, members of the primary party organization “Bedel” and Social Sciences Department. We invited “Zheltoksan” insurrectionists of 1986 in Almaty. The participants of these distant events are Isabekov Sabit Kaldykozuly and Shekerbekov Muratbek Zhandarbekovich. The meeting was attended by more than 350 teachers and students of the Academy.

         Muratbek Zhandarbekovich Shekerbekov answered students’ questions, organized a debate on “Zheltoksan “. Students received answers to their questions, said that they would strive to be an honour to their brothers and sisters, and for achieving this purpose they will receive qualitative education and keep a healthy lifestyle.
         At the end of the meeting, students thanked guests and held a concert.
         In December 20, 2012 at 15.00 there was a meeting dedicated to explanation of Kazakhstan President’s Letter Nursultan Nazarbayev “Strategy of Kazakhstan in 2050 - a new political course of developed state “. There were Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty students, Faculty of Training Specialists with Technical Professional and Secondary - Special Education, doctors - interns, staff of the Academy.

         In February 2013 the deputy chairman of the primary party organization Nurmashev B.K. addressed members meeting. As President said, we believe in the youth - the future of Kazakhstan. You must become a driving part of new direction in the development of the country. The youth of SKSPhA, youth movement of the party “Zhas Otan” proves that they are true patriots who fully support President’s policy, make a significant contribution to its implementation. Therefore, youth movement of “Zhas Otan” has been awarded for their organization of activities of city, regional and national size, for successful work.

         The question of increasing members quantity of the primary party organization “Bedel“was discussed and 47 employees of SKSPhA became members of the primary party organization.

         In September 2013, doctrine of the party “Nur- Otan” - “On the way to a bright future” was discussed at regular meeting of the primary party organization “Bedel”. There were offered 10 delegates for the city conference.










Awards and achievements

  • Diploma, letter of thanks

    Diploma, letter of thanks

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