South - Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy holds 35 years!



       Nowadays South - Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy is the only pharmaceutical university in Kazakhstan providing pharmaceutical specialists. 

       Over a period of 35 years, and this year is marked by the glorious date from the date of becoming a source of manpower, 5 thousand specialists became pharmaceutists and pharmacists. 

The real professionals graduated their Alma – mater: industrial engineers of pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists – analysts, managers of pharmacy and medicine, heads of pharmaceutical companies and firms.  

       We have what to show and we know how to train our students during educational process. We have unique diagnostic equipment, modern devices for determination of toxicity. In fact, not in word we demonstrate know – how in pharmaceutical industry. 

       As for teaching staff including leading scientists with creative imagination, they are capable to inflame the youth to research in Molecular Biology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry, Drug Technology and Pharmacy Management.  














Awards and achievements

  • Diploma, letter of thanks

    Diploma, letter of thanks

  • Certificate